“Drahla’s abstract punk songs that are ecstatic about the everyday. The squalls of noise in songs like ‘Pyramid Estate’ show a band willing to dig beneath the surface.” – Noisey

“…the kind of literate punk to kickstart a revolution in your mind.” – The FADER

“Drahla are the UK’s most uncompromising new band” – DIY

“The ferocious Leeds trio treat post-punk like a game of Tetris, joyfully flipping and rearranging the elements into new patterns.”Pitchfork

Support: Rudy Radu

Einlass 19 Uhr, Eintritt 10 Euro (nur Abendkasse)

5. Januar 2023

Konzert: Drahla, Rudy Radu

Drahla aus Leeds kommen mit einer Mischung aus drahtigem, düsterem Post-Punk und unberechenbarem Art-Rock ins Makro.
21. November 2022

Electric Café

Performance, Jam-Session und Musiker*innen-Stammtisch von und für Synthiefans.